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Automatic pipe cutting machine
1. Specifications of working tube: ¢2mm~¢20mm, change the corresponding fixture for different specifications, and the equipment will be random with 1 set of specifications (customer specified) 2. Cutting length: 10mm~1000mm, the longest single stroke is 500mm 3. Wall thickness of cutting pipe: more than 0.1mm 4. Tube cutting accuracy: ±0.08mm 5. Pipe cutting method: horizontal movement of saw blade and flat cutting method 6. Maximum water pressure: 1 MPA 7. Dimensions: length 1800mmX height 2100mmX width 950mm 8. Power supply voltage: 380V 50HZ 9. Maximum hydraulic pressure: 5 MPA 10. Power: 5KW 11. Maximum clamping force: 200KG 12. Maximum single stroke: 550mm
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Automatic hard tube shrinking machine
1. Working tube specifications: D4~D10 (replace corresponding fixtures for different specifications, the equipment is only equipped with one specification fixture) 2. Working tube length: 90mm~650mm (cut tube length, short tube needs to be replaced with corresponding mold) 3. Working efficiency PPH: about 500~700 pieces (depending on the different pipes, the length of the neck is different, and the efficiency is different) 4. Staffing: 1 person can work 4 machines or more at the same time 5. Operation method: cylinder feeds into the shrinkage, high-speed spindle air-cooled motor 4.5 Kw spindle motor hollow type, automatic feeding, automatic shrinking, automatic receiving. 6. Motor parameters: 4.5KW, the maximum speed is 18000R/Min (speed adjustable) equipped with inverter 7. Neck length: within 50mm 8. Power supply voltage 380V, 4.5KW 9. Working air source: 5~6Kg/cm 10. Equipment size: length 1200mm width 660mm height 1550mm 11. Equipment rack: welding rack, surface paint sky blue 12. Equipment combination: storage rack, feeding mechanism, positioning group, pressure tube group, necking group, receiving group, control group, rack group 13. Equipment weight: about 150Kg 14. Equipment fixtures: precise positioning and quick replacement of mold fixtures to ensure concentricity of shrinking heads
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Manual powder filling machine
1. Specification of working tube: ¢5mm~¢8mm 2. Working tube length: 120mm~550mm 3. Working efficiency PPH: 1000~1200 pieces (0.2 wall thickness length 300mm) 4. Manual operation: 25 pieces/disk 5. Including workbench + cover
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